ACTtogether now for the third programme period

The Animal Welfare Initiative (AWI/Initiative Tierwohl) has evolved continuously since it was founded. In every new programme period, new experience gained is integrated into the AWI concept and then applied for the following three years. This is how we work towards better animal welfare in livestock farming – step by step.

To achieve this goal, we have partnered with various stakeholders within the industry: livestock farmers, abattoirs, food retailers and other commercial partners, intermediaries and most recently also gastronomy businesses. Our motto for the next programme period will therefore be: ACTtogether. In the next programme period starting in 2021, the Animal Welfare Initiative will continue to work closely with all of its partners to implement a pragmatic approach to better animal welfare that is aligned with the market. We act – together!

Most important News

Market based solution

Read this page to learn about the core aspects of the third programme period starting in 2021, and find out what you need to consider if you wish to participate. The criteria for poultry farmers and the processes around the marketing of AWI poultry meat will largely remain the same in the new programme period. However, there will be a few changes in pig and pork marketing, as we are switching from fund-based to market-based financing. Under the new financing scheme, retailers will no longer pay into a fund for fattened pigs and poultry. Instead, animal welfare premiums will be tied to the exchange of goods, as is customary in a market economy. Those who buy animal welfare products will pay for them. This ensures that costs are fairly distributed, and the Animal Welfare Initiative system can also be opened up to additional partners and industries.

Expansion of the identity concept for pork products

Following the introduction of the identity concept for poultry and poultry products in 2018, this market-based solution now creates the most important prerequisite for introducing the same concept for pork products as well. Identity means that goods can be clearly identified as being derived from a defined flow of goods, i.e. goods can be traced back to an individual farm. For the Animal Welfare Initiative this means that products can be marked with a seal so that consumers are able to identify meat from AWI farms when they shop.

Sow farmers and piglet rearers are uniting

Moreover, processes that belong together are put together: The AWI believes that keeping sows is inseparable from rearing piglets, and both can therefore be subsumed under the heading of piglet production.

Retail partners and gastronomy

Conditions of participation


Abattoirs – Pigs
Conditions of participation

Abattoirs -Poultry
Conditions of participation