Poultry farmers

With the switch to the market-based solution, all retailers and gastronomy partners involved will pay suppliers a price premium for identified pork and poultry meat. Suppliers in turn pass the premium on along the value creation chain all the way through to the farmer. Click here to find out what participating poultry farmers need to consider.

Conditions of participation

The criteria for poultry farmers remain essentially unchanged. Poultry farmers will continue to receive the animal welfare premium from the AWI clearing house, which will collect the premium from participating abattoirs/marketing organisations rather than directly from retailers from the third programme period onwards.


This is your way to become part of Initiative Tierwohl:


Every livestock business that is a member of the Animal Welfare Initiative will be audited twice per year and therefore undergo a total of six audits during the programme term instead of seven as was previously the case. Intensive controls will be retained, as the three stock audits to be conducted during the programme period will be conducted without any prior announcement.

Overview of the audit system during the third programme period

  • Each farm will continue to be audited twice per year.
  • A total of six audits will be conducted during the programme term.
  • Three of the audits are stock audits; these will be conducted entirely unannounced.
  • The costs of the stock audits will be borne by the AWI, being the parent company.