Highlights from the past six years and two programme phases

4. October 2021

The Initiative Tierwohl (ITW) is looking back on six years of constant evolution. The heavy scepticism and hard-hitting criticism it received in the early stages have given way to a high level of acceptance. As a gradualistic programme, the agricultural alliance has become one of the most successful and effective providers for pig and poultry farmers who are keen to implement enhanced animal welfare measures without compromising on profitability. Alongside its core remit, the ITW now also promotes issues beyond animal welfare on a broad scale via the Initiative Tierwohl Innovation Prize. It also uses the prize to acknowledge highly committed livestock owners with ideas of their own. Through its coordination of the consistent Haltungsform labelling scheme, the Initiative Tierwohl proved itself yet again to be an expert platform for industry-focused solutions around animal welfare. Its recent switch to a market-orientated mode of operation as part of the third phase launch marks an important, future-focused turning point. This and other milestones from the first six years of the Initiative Tierwohl have been summarised in a brochure:

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