The Animal Welfare Initiative

– promotes greater animal welfare in livestock farming
– inspects livestock farms
– issues the AWI seal
– promotes innovation in livestock farming
See the criteria for joining the Initiative here

million animals each year already benefit from the Animal Welfare Initiative.


farms and agricultural businesses already participate in the Initiative.

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Partners introduce themselves

How can you actively contribute to the Initiative?

As a consumer

As a customer of one of our retail or gastronomy partners, you should be able identify which meat comes from an Animal Welfare Initiative farm. This is the purpose of our seal on poultry products and increasingly on pork products. By purchasing a product with our label, you’re showing your interest in improving animal welfare.

As a farmer

Improve the conditions for animals on your farm. If your farm participates in the Animal Welfare Initiative, you are obliged to comply with criteria that go beyond the legal requirements. The financial expense incurred by this is compensated by the Animal Welfare Initiative, meaning that your competitive advantage is not affected.

How the funding works

Livestock owners that participate in the Animal Welfare Initiative receive cost compensation from their direct customers for the additional expense incurred by the implementation of the animal welfare criteria. They pass this additional cost along the value chain to the retail and gastronomy sectors.