Poultry farmers

All trading partners and caterers taking part in the Initiative Tierwohl (ITW) pay the suppliers a price premium for identified poultry meat. Suppliers in turn pass the premium along the value creation chain all the way through to the livestock owner. Find out here what participating poultry farmers need to consider.

Poultry farmers receive the animal welfare payment from the ITW clearing house, which receives the animal welfare payment from the abattoirs/marketers.




Each livestock business involved in the Initiative Tierwohl will be audited twice per year, i.e. six times throughout the programme term. Three stock checks will be carried out over the course of the programme with no advance warning whatsoever.

More detailed information can be found here.

The audit system at a glance

  • Each farm will continue to be audited twice per year
  • A total of six audits will be conducted during the programme term
  • Three of the audits are stock audits; these will be conducted entirely unannounced
  • The costs of the stock audits will be borne by the ITW, being the operating company

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