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The Animal Welfare Initiative in numbers

On the 1st of January 2015, the Animal Welfare Initiative met with partners from the agricultural industry, the meat industry, the food retail and gastronomy sector for the very first time and together they made it their objective to promote more humane and sustainable meat production. A lot has happened since then and we are in a constant process of change. Below you can see the most important current facts and figures.

State of the following numbers: June, 2021

10.200 farms participate

How many animals already benefit from the measures of the Animal Welfare Initiative?

Number of animals: 647 Million

Market share of the animals reared under the Animal Welfare Initiative

Market share of pigs and poultry


Compliance with guidelines is very important to us. This is why we carry out regular inspections to ensure that participating farms are implementing our animal welfare criteria properly. Each farm that participates in the Animal Welfare Initiative is inspected twice a year – once during a regular audit and once in a completely unannounced audit (shed inspection). The audits confirm that the majority of the farmers do implement the measures correctly. Unfortunately, every now and then there are farms that do violate the guidelines. These farms are sanctioned accordingly.

How many auditors work for the Animal Welfare Initiative?

The most common reasons for failing an audit


Turkey production: drinking water check Drinking water and shed climate checks are carried out in addition to the audits. Sow farming: general housing requirements This includes the provision of legally required manipulable material, amongst other things. Piglet rearing: health plan This includes proof of regular veterinary examinations, as well as a documentation of loss rates.

How many abattoirs are part of the Animal Welfare Initiative?

How many companies from the food retail and gastronomy sectors are part of the Animal Welfare Initiative?

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